Arduino the adventure continues

We were there when it all began, when Arduino was created as one of the first open source electronic boards that revolutionized the world of open hardware. The family of Arduino boards has helped professional and non-professional developers prototype electrical projects and learn in a way that is accessible and possible for everyone. At this turning point, we want to stay loyal to our roots.


It was 2005 when the first prototype came into existence as a school project at the Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea. The purpose was to help designers who had no expertise in electronics to connect the physical world and digital world quickly to see working prototype. The inspiration came from the electronic board called Wiring, a thesis project created by Hernando Barragan, an IDII student at the time. The integrated development environment was a simplified version of Processing, an open source language just developed by professors Casey Reas and Ben Fry.


Since those early moments,  Arduino Srl (aka Smart Projects Srl), was the place where ideas could take shape, based only on solid human and professional resources. Here the first Arduino models were made and initially distributed to other schools of interactive design all over the world. Arduino was offered to the first DIY enthusiasts, contributing concretely to found and promote the Makers Movement.


An extraordinary adventure which has gone on for 10 years and is new everyday when someone uses Arduino products for the first time.


This momentum really has never stopped thanks to new Makers and new Arduino module choices with WiFi. Open Source is the environment we want for millions of designers, engineers, makers and Arduino lovers around the world. We hope to continue to help children learn about electrical engineering and computer programming to develop and grow their ideas for today and tomorrow.

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